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Thai Origin

Thai Origin Co., Ltd.’s vision is to become a professional in Thai agricultural products and our mission is to improve the quality of service that go along with the business mindset of running with faithfully and friendly.

Thai Origin Co., Ltd. was established by Mrs. Lina in 2006. In its early years, the company was supplying only Thai betel nuts. The quality of goods makes us become well known among buyers from many countries. The startup of wood items in 2009 marked the beginning of company’s ascent into the producer and bringing more valuable customers into the company.

Today, Thai Origin Co., Ltd is a specialized company focusing on Thai Fruits such as Coconut, Durian, Pomelo and Wood items such as BBQ charcoal and etc.The company production facilities are located mainly in Thailand.

Our development and distribution of good quality products make us become the most reliable among many customers from various countries across the world.